Shirvalkar Lab - Pain Neuromodulation Lab
Advancing innovative brain and spine stimulation therapies for pain.
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Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for chronic pain
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UCSF Clinical Trials for the treatment of chronic pain


The Shirvalkar Lab (Pain Neuromodulation Lab) is led by Prasad Shirvalkar MD, PhD, a neurologist and pain physician-scientist who treats the full range of chronic pain syndromes.

Among the amazing things that the brain does, it is responsible for generating and representing the most fundamental human percept: Pain. We focus on studying basic brain mechanisms of acute and chronic pain in humans using neuropsychology, behavior, imaging (DTI, fMRI), neurophysiology (invasive recordings and EEG), computational neuroscience, signal processing and machine learning.  Our short term goal is to understand of how pain circuits live in the brain and how these circuits go awry to produce chronic pain states. The long term goal is to use this new knowledge to develop new technology for spine and brain stimulation to treat patients, and improve quality of life.

Our lab is physically located across three campuses: Parnassus, Mount Zion and Mission Bay. We collaborate with critical partners in anesthesiology, neurology and neurological surgery to tackle these urgent problems. We are always looking for enthusiastic and accomplished people to join us. Welcome!